Youtube Revenue Solutions

I read about how Google was losing a ton of money on Youtube. Just a few ideas I had on how they could try and stop that.

Implement Buffering – When you click to load a Youtube video, it currently loads the whole thing. If you visit a page that has it set to auto-play and you won’t want to watch, you click pause. But the entire video still loads. That is a ton of bandwidth wasted. Sometimes you also begin to watch a movie and decide it isn’t worth watching the entire way through. Youtube should implement buffering such as Hulu and some of the Asian video providers do. It only loads a certain amount and then stops. The bandwidth and subsequent cost savings could be huge. The developers could even add a feature to the menu bar where you can load the entire video if you wish, but buffering is on by default.

Video Subscriptions – This may not be a huge money maker, but I’m sure there are at least a few people out there who would like to sell their videos to people. Youtube could have a program where they manage all that for you. All you handle is making the videos and driving the subscribers. Youtube handles the rest from payments to video access.

HD Embedding – Do you run a website and want to host videos on it? Well Youtube could stream HD content right to your website without a watermark. You just pay either per view or for bandwidth. Currently HD embedding is possible on external websites, but is not an official supported feature.

Advertising Over Time – At the moment the advertisements that appear beside videos stay there no longer how long you are watching. On a non-video website you are always switching pages and thus viewing an array of ads. Youtube could swap out banner ads every minute or so to increase the amount shown.

I had two or three more ideas but unfortunately appear to have forgotten them when I thinking about it last week. My own fault I suppose for taking so long to write this post.

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