Why UORares Was Broken

I did a bit of investigating today to find out why the UORares Item Database submit form was not working anymore. There is an administrator panel in which I am supposed to see items awaiting approval, but it was always blank. It did work at one time because I added a couple dozen items when it first opened.

The cause of the issue was an invalid itemid being assigned when submitting the form. A simple changing of +1 to +2 fixed it. If for whatever reason you wish to submit an item, it will sit waiting for me to approve it. One other thing broken is images don’t get saved. I’m not really keen on spending time to fix that considering the site is not used anymore.

I am saddened that the bug was not with the administrator control panel itself. There is no doubt that over the past 6 years that some people have attempted to submit a variety of items. There was no error message indicating the item was never received. I was hoping there would be some to approve.

It is interesting looking at the code for one of the first PHP applications I had written. There are so many things I know now that would make it require a lot less lines and be a lot more efficient. It is in fact so bad I can’t to reuse it for anything. Every line literally needs to be rewritten. At least it still works.

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