What is so Difficult About Making a Good Post?

I participated in the final hours of the Tabula Rasa universe and am currently working on getting a video uploaded of it. Unfortunately I didn’t realize I had it set to my usual UO setting of 800×600 recording area instead of full screen. So you get a really good shot of the chat window (which as you can imagine is going crazy the whole time) and about 1/3 of the game area. It is too bad that it turned out this way because I collected a lot of great footage including a run through of the Earth level with all the monsters just standing there because the server was lagged out. Well if I had to pick a small area of the screen to get the chat window would have been it.

There (might) be a post on my thoughts about this tomorrow.

Also when I went to uninstall the game it was quite a hassle. First there wasn’t any uninstall utility in the root folder. So I went to Add/Removed programs and tried to locate it there. It wasn’t under “T” for Tabula Rasa. It wasn’t under “N” for NCSoft’s Tabulas Rasa. It wasn’t under PlayNC (which is the launching utility for NCSoft games). Can you guess where it was? Yes, it was under “Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa”. Arn’t we all glad UO isn’t named “Richard Garriott’s Ultima Online”.

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