What is so Difficult About Making a Good Game?

What is the thing game programmers always say. That they want to make fun and successful games. Something like that. You know, when they apply for their job or write down their life goals. But then they get hired and are told what to do. They do it even though they know it won’t be fun or successful. But they have to, because their manager/director/king told them to.

It is just so amazing to me how many games have the potential to be good but are run into the ground. Say for instance Warhammer Online. The game is billed around never ending war. Big PVP battles and never ending fights. That sort of stuff. It sounds like loads of fun!

The director who made the game probably hopped in a couple scenarios and had fun. It is fun……………..the first couple times. Which is all he played. And it could continue to be fun………………if there are people queuing up to take part. But is quickly degrade into a grind for experience which they don’t see. And the director doesn’t realize that people are not having fun because they see good numbers of participants. But if you go to any forum or solicit player feedback, he would hear how unfun his game is.

Warhammer Online has 2 aspects of PVP, Scenarios and Realm vs Realm. Scenarios are downright boring after a while. They rely on too many variables (class types, people queuing up, server population balance, group cohesion) and thus can be considered not fun. When I played some rounds we could not even leave the starting area. We were trapped like new players in a guard zone. Except we had much less freedom. So Scenarios are not a reliable source of PVP.

Then there is RvR combat. You run around taking battlefield objectives and keeps. If no one shows up to defend you just kill monsters. No PVP at all. That can happen a lot. If you do see some defense, it is just a huge choke hold fight. You are trying to break down a door to get inside. Then another door. Then run up some stairs. There is never a big open battle or chance for large engagement. The sides are usually very lopsided.

What is my point here? The point is there is no solid PVP experience in Warhammer Online. They launched with this and have not done anything to correct it. Instead of trying to move the game in a new direction they tweak it. But it never becomes more fun, just more standardized. The people who quit are not going to return because suddenly the Keep Lord does not bug out and kill himself. Or you can no longer use a certain buff on door hit points.

Warhammer, as do every game, needs to have some consistent fun that keeps you wanting to play.

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