My Roleplaying Strategy Outlined

Hello everyone,

If you don’t have the time to listen to me ramble on for 30 minutes about what I’ve done and trying to do in regards to roleplaying, this is the article for you! Unless you are a slow reader, here is the two minute version on what has happened and what I hope will happen over the coming months.

Timeline of Events Before Today

  1.  I (JC the Builder) am elected governor of Moonglow on the promise of making Britannia great again.
  2. At the June governor’s meeting I give a grand speech about the sorry state of Britannia (which will be detailed in a future news post, sorry!). At the end of the meeting King Blackthorn threatens my life for overstepping my authority.
  3. I don’t attend the July governor’s meeting directly. Instead I have a representative hand King Blackthorn a communication crystal which he promptly smashes as soon as he hears me on the other end. He is attempting to silence me! Several governors are openly hostile towards Blackthorn. Zynia, governor of Vesper, even walks out mid-meeting in disgust.
  4. I (purposefully) don’t attend the August governor meeting at all. The other governor’s ask where I am but no one has any answers.  King Blackthorn is very indecisive on what to do and keeps asking the governors. He ends up hijacking the entire meeting and leaves no time for anyone else to speak. He leaves abruptly with all the governors scratching their heads on what just happened.


That leads up to today and the governor’s meeting happening tomorrow for September. At that meeting I had planned on attending and practically declaring my intentions to usurp Blackthorn. However, with the recent real life death of Tiffany Moon, governor of Cove, I think it is more appropriate to hold off a bit. Instead I will be in attendance for very low key.

When I became governor months ago this was not at all what I had in mind. It has occurred organically over the last few months. Who better to blame for all our troubles than the current king? It is not my intention to become the next king, only to de-throne the current one.

I hope you all will join with me for what could be the greatest storyline Atlantic has ever seen. During the month of October I want to hold different events, such as a clandestine meeting of the city governors, to further this idea. It will all lead up to the October governors meeting where the fireworks will truly begin.

Please check back here regularly for more information. Have a Nice day.

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