Moderns Warfare 2 is Bad List

I was considering making a top 10 video about things that suck about Modern Warfare 2. That is never going to happen because it would be a lot of work and by the time I could get to it, we would be on Modern Warfare 5. So I’ll just post it here. These are not in order of sucky-ness.

  1. Host Migration – If you are going to do player hosting, you could at least make it so that host migration does not fail so much. It seems like at least 1/3 of the time migration fails and the match ends. This is especially frustrating when the game is seconds away from ending and the host quits to avoid a loss. Other improvements could be made such as making the screen black so someone can’t spend 5 seconds spotting you.
  2. No Guns Only Mode – It would be so great to have a guns only mode. No claymores, C4, grenade launchers, RPGs, kill streaks, thermal, heartbeat sensor or anything. Just bullets flying everywhere. I think a lot of people would enjoy this.
  3. Lack of Bug Fixes – After two or three patches, there hasn’t been a single new bug fix. The bug where you get stuck with the bomb case in your face remains. One night I was in a game where some enemies were invulnerable in a domination match. Someone pointed out that a couple guns don’t work with silencers. They are releasing new maps, couldn’t they do fixes also?
  4. One Man Army – Many people agree that this perk is unbalanced. It gives you unlimited ammo. People don’t even use it for the intended purpose, switching classes. They spam the same class over and over, recharging a grenade launcher or RPG. I think a nice fix would be to make it so the ammo level remains the same. So if you use 2 grenades, switching to that class again will not return them. Combine this with point #6 and you really have no idea where to shoot.
  5. Hit Detection – It is too generous.
  6. Latency – This just kills the game on a competitive level. I can watch a kill cam and see my opponent step into a doorway, but he never appeared on my screen. The person hosting the match always has an advantage over everyone else.
  7. Bullet Penetration – Bullets can go through anything. Why even have a FMJ attachment? I swing around a corner and watch bullets clip the corner to kill me. If you don’t have FMJ, then your bullets shouldn’t go through 75% of the stuff they are currently able to. It makes it impossible to take cover.
  8. Spawning – It is just horrid. I have posted a video of one occasion which was slightly unfair. There is so much room for it to be improved but the developers just don’t care about it. This highlights how they view the game, as a casual shooter.
  9. Hacking – Basically they have never attempted to stop it. There are thousands of people on the top of the leaderboard with 16 billion points or something. I see those people with the modified usernames all the time. Sometimes I am in games which are acting really weird and it is obvious someone is doing something. I bet someone who ends up hosting a match could lag out specific players or the entire enemy team. It certainly feels like that has happened on a couple of occasions.
  10. $1,000,000,000 and nothing to show for it – Activision made well over a billion dollars on this game and show absolutely no sign of supporting it beyond the map packs, which make them at least $100,000,000 more per release. How about a tournament mode? How about addressing any of the concerns listed here? I would love to see what the player activity numbers are. I suspect there is a huge drop off starting in January and then spikes with the map packs. Then compare that to another game like Call of Duty 4 which was going strong well after a year of release.

I had to redo the list because I lost my text file. It isn’t exactly the same and I had better examples for each point. This list does not mean I think MW2 is a bad game, it is just a pity that stuff like this makes it very frustrating. Good online matches are few and far between. Maybe 1 out of 10.

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