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I haven’t been playing UO lately. After a month of Stygian Abyss, I had done pretty much everything the expansion had to offer. I ran the two new champion spawns dozens of times, worked up Mysticism, and slayed all the Peerless. It got boring pretty quick so I took a break. I planned on starting back again in January, but I was having serious wireless connectivity issues. In fact I still am, just having mailed the router back to the manufacturer for repair today. But I am mostly not playing because there is nothing to do.

I play UO to PVP. For the past 8 years there has only been one type of PVP available: Champion Spawns. I’ve run them all a thousands of times. Gotten every power scroll in duplicates. It just isn’t appealing anymore. I was very excited when factions was being worked on again. There were a lot of nice changes and additions. Unfortunately that no longer appears to be the case. First Draconi is let go and now Sakkarah. It is hard to be enthusiastic when EA is making every effort to prevent UO from being updated.

There are more faction changes in the works, mentioned on Stratics forums and in the House of Commons chat. However, it appears they are dumbing down the system. Reducing it from 4 to 3 factions, reworking points so they are about doing all different things instead of killing other players. To me it sounds like they are trying to shoehorn Warhammer Online ideas into UO. And if you didn’t know, Warhammer Online isn’t doing very well. In fact it probably has many fewer subscribers than UO.

I make no promises when the next blog post will be.

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