I Don’t Accept Your Terms

I got an email today informing that the Terms of Service for the Playstation network have changed. What has changed? I have no idea as the email just informs me that there was a change, possibly many changes, or maybe they fixed a spelling error. Perhaps it is my fault entirely for not memorizing the terms when I signed up for an account.

So I won’t be accepting their terms if they can’t put in the effort to inform me what has changed in their massive legal document. I will keep using my account though. This is a funny line:

Please don’t use our Sites if you don’t agree to these Terms of Service because once you are on our Sites, you have to follow the rules.

You linked me to your website so I could read your terms of service. So basically you are tricking me into agreeing by linking to your site for the document you directed me to review?

I know this is nitpicking, but if a company wants their Terms of Service to be respected they should put in the effort to make it easier for the end user to understand them. Many people don’t read these things as it is and it is frustrating for the people who do when you just toss out something and expect us to understand it.

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