Darkfall Again

I have been really busy with a lot of stuff, not playing many games except Starcraft II when I have a chance.

I remembered last year when I was keeping up on Darkfall, I would look at Google Trends as a sort of way to measure interest in the game. At the time Darkfall was in a downward trend and I predicted that eventually it would fall below UO.

Surprise, surprise; it has.

It also appears to have leveled off quite a bit and is in the same slow downward trend UO is in. Actually, UO has been going up recently. That is encouraging.

But a quick trip over to the Darkfall forum revealed another piece of ominous news. Or rather a lack thereof. There has been no game news posted since July 14, over a month ago. Maybe they all took a summer vacation? But this was definitely not the right time as an “expansion” (really a large publish) was supposed to launch about 2 months ago.

While the game is lasting longer than I thought, it is quite clear that it is walking dead at this point.

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