A blog you say?

Finally a place to post pictures of my dog or rant about how terrible my job is!

Actually, no. I am not going to do that. There are already literally millions of blogs that do that. Why would anyone want to read about your day to day activities anyway. Unless you are some movie star, then they have entire TV shows and newspapers dedicated to that. They don’t even have to write their own stuff. If you have to do it yourself, chances are no one is going to care.

This is going to be a blog about thoughts and ideas I have. It is mostly going to be based on the MMO Ultima Online, video gaming in general and possibly other things. The intended audience is for anyone interested in reading about this stuff.

Why am I starting a blog? Because I don’t feel there is an appropriate forum anywhere for this stuff. On Stratics U Hall there is a multitude of issues, one of which being any good topic I start gets locked because the moderators don’t feel like doing their job. I have tried to post in the past on our own guild forum, but the general community there is not kind to it. First of all most hate my guts because I am the administrator. Second, due to hating my guts, anything I post is going to quickly be put down faster than a raccoon with rabies.

Thus, this was created. A place where I can just dump my thoughts, a thought dump if you will. It is nice that I came up with that name so quickly. Otherwise it would have been left blank like my profile.

The next post is going to be about world events and players complaining that they should be extended indefinitely.

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