$500 Buy-in on your MMO

It has been pointed out that there is a top-teir purchasing service for Zynga’s games (creator of Farmville). If you want the most bang for your buck you need to spend $500. Oh wait, that is actually $500 or more.

How can such a thing be anything but completely irresponsible of a game company. These points you buy get you absolutely nothing but virtual goods. If someone wants to spend $500 on these points then go ahead. But you don’t encourage that type of behavior by giving a bonus for spending so much.

When someone is addicted to a video game, perhaps Everquest, at least they are not spending all their money on nothing (unless they are buying swords and stuff). Casual games are going to end up getting regulated similar to the gambling industry if this keeps up.

The worst part about the whole thing is you have to pay by wire transfer. They don’t take credit cards at this level. Obviously because buyer’s remorse is big factor. Oh you bought 1,000,000 pounds of feed for your cows, but realize it will take 200 real life years to use it all up? Boo hoo.

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