Weather Report for June 12-18, 2016

It has been another HOT week for Atlantic Shard. The summer hasn’t even begun and it has been a real scorcher!

On Wednesday, June 15 HOT Guild rolled into an Oaks spawn being done by M$$Y or HI-5, who really knows. What we do know is that they were beaten handily. (video forthcoming this week)oaks crash

The evening of June 16 saw HI-5 Guild suffering from an acute case of heatstroke, having their Harrower taken away.

The night of Friday, June 17 HI-5 Guild had to be taken to the emergency room yet again from severe burns and repeated trauma at Terathan Keep. (video forthcoming this week)

terathan keep crash

On Saturday, June 18 it was a blazing night in Dungeon Wrong with HOT Guild crushing all in their path exiting after a Harrower.

The upcoming forecast looks for more of the same. Be sure to wear your sunscreen! And check out for all the latest PVP videos.

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