Paying Gold for UO Articles

Is your bank account running low after dying too much at Bennu’s overpowered and unfair events? Or maybe you are having a tough time doing spawns in Felucca because of a heatwave? Well here is your chance to make some gold!

I am going to pay people for articles to be posted here, on this website, about Atlantic shard! Write about EM events, player events, player profiles, your own guild advertisement, or anything else UO related.

A long time ago people wrote all kinds of stuff about UO and every day there was new articles to read on and Stratics. But that does not happen at all anymore. People are always asking, “does anyone play UO anymore?” because they have no idea what is happening. The world of Britannia turn every day, actually 12 times a day, but it could be weeks without anyone saying what is going on! If you ever wondered how you could help make a big impact and draw people into the game, this is your chance.

I will pay out between 20 and 100 million gold an article. A quick article could net you 20-40 million. An in-depth piece could bank you a lot more. Each article should have at least 2 screenshots to accompany it. You need to get in touch with me to talk about what you will write before you wet your quill.

If you want to write regularly, I can set you up with an account on this site so you can post without waiting on me all the time. Otherwise you can just email me your story and screenshots (email in the left menu).

Check back regularly for more articles about Atlantic in UO!

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