Make sure you complain to the right person

Two quick blog related notes:

1) I am going to try my best only to post once per day. If I didn’t set this limit then I would probably end up spending way too much time on this.

2) I have disabled commenting for the time being because I just don’t want to have to deal with moderating them. I’d rather just spend my 5 minutes writing the post and that be it. If you really want to send me a comment then there is always private message via Stratics or UOForums. Some day in the future I will enable it.

Ok, on to a topic. This past week Ultima Online players have been experiencing heavy latency and packet loss. This is the worst seen in several years at least. It affects a wide variety of players all over the country.

One thing people should know is that this isn’t just a UO issue. There have been major internet slow downs, an unusual amount, this week. This does not explain all the lag, but it is one source. For me I have been facing a triple threat. There is the general lag, then the EA lag (now identified as coming from the ISP near EA’s servers) and 10% packet loss within my own home network.

Anyway, there was a reveal of some interesting changes coming to the next UO publish. Immediatly people started replying quite rudely that this developer should be focusing on the lag and forget about what she is working on. Stratics moderators have since removed most of these replies.

This person’s job title is “UO Associate Game Designer”. I don’t see anything about network administrator in there. People often take out their anger and frustration at the wrong people. I’m sure she feels sorry about what is going on, but there is literally nothing that she could personally do about it. The world continues to turn whether or not the internet is down.

I guess this post didn’t really go anywhere. I thought it would. Next time I will be sure to post something more insightful then this.

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