Major Derailment

If you are an active member in the UO community you are likely aware of the current situation. If not let me summarize:

  • Two weeks ago Stratics was sold to a new owner.
  • Two days ago beloved Stratics contributor and basically the volunteer team lead Petra Fyde resigned from Stratics.
  • Almost the entire remaining site staff resigned over the next two days.

After the resignation I have been speaking with several people about what has been going on and have gathered the following information.

  • Stratics has been in serious trouble the last few years. It was so bad at one point the site could have been shut down.
  • In the last few months many site staff have quit or were forced out, so it was not purely the result of the new owner.
  • The previous owner’s promise to give the site “back to the staff” did not happen. Major management missteps caused friction in the Stratics team.
  • The current owner is planning on continuing to implement designs the previous owner was working on, ones that the staff were against.

For me personally, this is a depressing situation. I came back to the UO community in part to compete against Stratics once again. I was updating UOGuide to give Stratics a run for its money. But that just can’t happen now. The soul of the site is gone, the new owner can barely get it running properly, and they have no one to update content over there.

Now I don’t know what to do. Should I give up and log out once again? Should I start a campaign to boycott Stratics? Should I buy Stratics and try to make the site right again?

My answers depend on two things I suppose. What is the UO Team’s response to this and what is the former Stratics Team going to do. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for these. I have 6 years of UO excitement bottle up here and this has really put a damper on things.

Have a Nice day.

5 thoughts on “Major Derailment”

  1. Stratics FORUMS were great but as for the resources and guides UOGuide is far far better. Its a Wiki for a start and just looks and works a lot better. Maybe add a forum to UOGuide?

  2. JC,
    I honestly think you could run a better forum hands down if stratics takes a fall which in my opinion is in the very near future. So what the new questions should be is how as a community can we make this the best forum/wiki around. Maybe the old team would join and back you, Maybe take up donations in the beginning , Maybe approach Broadsword and see what thier plans are in the future if they plan to still reconize stratics as the main UO forum or is it open for disscusion to use a different forum.

  3. Please don’t let the decisions of the former staff of Stratics put a damper on your return to UO.
    These decisions were made based on each individuals needs, feelings, and issues. In no way have they QUIT UO.
    I think if you look around you might find many of them have began their journey again or picked up where they left off in Ultima. Many are looking at SOTA as well.

    I have found your site invaluable over the years and hope you continue with it as long as Ultima Online keeps the servers open.

    Take your time, continue your new journey into UO, and give people time as well. Time to think, plan, regroup, and just plain breathe.

  4. You could try quit being a whiny faggot? I dunno just spitballing here. It’s a fucking internet forum, you weepy twat. Grow up and get over it.

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