It has been a long time

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to go over a few things about my return to UO and the related communities. For one, I do not plan on playing every single night like I used to. In the short term I will likely be more active over the next month than going forward. I am busy taking care of things on UOGuide and trying to get it back into a state acceptable to me. Some things have gotten woefully out of date over there. Plus there are technical administrative things that need doing.

One huge reason, probably the main reason, that stopped me from playing UO is the crippling carpel tunnel syndrome I have. I will go over it and how it has affected me in a future post. Suffice to say it hasn’t gone away and I need to manage it best I can.

Obviously you have seen the big announcement where I will livestream my return on October 12. If it turns out well I hope to stream once a weekend every week or every other week. The streams will be uploaded to my Youtube channel if you don’t have a chance to catch them. I have lots and lots of ideas for fun stuff to do in this area.

As for this website I plan to update it perhaps 3 times a week. There are a lot of things I want to post about. Things I have learned over the past several years. Things I hope might help people out. I went from dawdling around to having a terrible job to now having a nice job but working hard 60 hours a week. Yet another reason I can’t play UO like I used to.

Originally I didn’t want people to comment on my posts here. Now you can if you like. I don’t make any promise to read or respond to them. But I will most likely at least read them if they are made within a couple days of the post.

One last note: a person’s views can change over time. Some of the stuff I posted on this blog 4-5 years ago may not reflect what I currently think now. I am not going to delete my old content because that is what I thought then. Plus what good is deleting something on the internet?

Have a Nice day.

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