I am the King of Moonglow

Wow, that was a nail biting election right up until the end. It was crazy the number of people who fought for their candidate. Right at the end it was neck and neck, at one point it was dead even 50% – 50%!

The amount of energy and fun from this election I hope to carry over in the coming months. I have lots of ideas to spice up roleplay on Atlantic shard.  This includes regularly updating this website which is now being turned into my hub for governing Moonglow. There will be information about events, plans, news, contests, and more.

So that everyone understands: my persona as the governor of Moonglow is going to be different than how I normally act. When I say I don’t want orcs and gargoyles in Moonglow that is because I think it will add an interesting tension to how things play out. If everyone gets along then that will be boring. You can either be on my side, an opposing side, or create your own side. It is up to you how you want to have fun.

You will not want to miss the performance I am planning for the next governors meeting, also known as the Conseil du Roi. That is an EM event held every month where all 8 governors meet with King Blackthorn. It is usually held the last Sunday of each month, which this month is June 26 at 8pm EST.

in addition, within one week (I can’t believe I am making a deadline), I will have the www.atlanticcommunityboard.com website back in operation. With this I hope the roleplay community on Atlantic will once again flourish and we will have lots of fun times together.

– JC the Builder
Make Moonglow Magical Again!

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