Factions is on the Brink of Ruination

I just had to post a quick rant after reading the developers idea on changing Town Sigil corruption.

So, instead of being a constantly ongoing battle open for potentially all towns, the game instead would be a series of concentrated battles for single town at a time. At any given time, all online players would be able to tell what town’s capture window is open. The idea is to capture that town’s sigil, hold it for a short time to corrupt it, then successfully return it to the town. Failure of any faction to do so means the town goes uncontrolled until it comes up for capture again the next day.

This just can’t be happening. I was so excited about them updating factions. But now every change they unveil or idea posted is dreadful. This latest one just lowers my expectations to the lowest point.

Everything about this proposed idea is wrong. Instead of huge epic fights over all 8 cities, you are regulated to a single one at a time. One week a city will be available at 2PM, the next at 2AM. Why did they take out 24 hour corruption timers? Because it was so difficult to guard for that amount of time. Now they want you to fight 24 hours a day every day. No 3 day breaks. The entire concept of town ownership is tossed out the window. Towns are going to be swapping hands every day.

I really wish Draconi and the gang was still in charge.

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