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A Night of Madness in Dungeon Deciet

What a fun night in dungeon Deciet the other day! Once again, a whole lot of players rushed head-first into Felucca, trying their best to make it out alive with good loot. With the changes since the event last month in Hythloth it was more fun!

Way back in the day, dungeon Deciet used to be one of the top spots for hunting monsters. Naturally it also became a hotspot for player killing as well. I personally haven’t spent so much time on the bottom floor of Deciet in what must be 15 years now. It was very nostalgic running around the Lich Lord room, the hidden passageway in the lava room, seeing that room with the 3 stone faces where I used to spend a lot of time killing Liches.

deciet lava room

HOT Guild did very well during the event. I personally stole 3 of the gargoyle statues (which you can see if you watch the event video).  It was very harrowing trying to avoid all the thieves and other people trying to kill you.

One big and unfortunate thing about the event was the entrance to the Primeval Lich area did not get blocked off. While I ran all the way out through the front of dungeon (which is what was intended) most of the rare statues were brought out through the Stygian Abyss area. Our guild swept the entire dungeon and there was literally no one left, they all exited through there.

But it can only get better from here! Event Moderator Bennu certainly made things more fun this go around. The safer starting area, information on what we will be doing, and less overpowered monsters made the focus much more on stealing and PVP this time. Please encourage him to do it again, and soon!

Finally, I spent a lot of extra time adding notes in the video so people who may not be familiar with Ultima Online can follow along more easily. I also used several of the Midas parody songs to give it more impact. Please share it far and wide to help promote the game. We have seen a lot of people coming back to play recently after they learned the game is not dead yet!

Have a Nice day.

Next EM PVP Event and Britain Crossroads Podcast Debut

This Thursday, June 23 at 8pm EST will be another Felucca based EM event where PVP is encouraged! There was one last month and it had a big turnout. Lots of players stealing, fighting, killing and all kinds of fun.

Event Moderator Bennu says it is going to be similar as last time, but with improvements. This means the rare items first have to be stolen off the ground using the Stealing skill. Once stolen, the items are cursed so they can not be insured. This also means if you kill someone carrying the rare item you can take it for yourself! At the last event I lucked out and found a corpse with 5 lanterns on it!five lanterns looting

Shortly after the event I recorded a podcast with Zarcon (a HOT Guild Council Member) to go over what we thought of how it went.  You can either download the MP3 or listen on Youtube. Eventually it should get on iTunes and you can subscribe and listen that way. Future podcasts will include topics such as PVP, Vice vs Virtue, IDOCs, how I am roleplaying being the Governor of Moonglow, and more.

Speaking of being the Governor of Moonglow, I will have another post up later this week about that. The monthly governor meeting is this Sunday. I will have information about how to get Moonglow titles, what policies I will be working on, when my office hours will be,  etc.

For now, I hope to see you at the EM PVP Event this Thursday, HOT Guild will be out in force. But even if you are alone you have the chance to come out on top. One solo guy made off with 9 lanterns last month!

Have a Nice day.

Weather Report for June 12-18, 2016

It has been another HOT week for Atlantic Shard. The summer hasn’t even begun and it has been a real scorcher!

On Wednesday, June 15 HOT Guild rolled into an Oaks spawn being done by M$$Y or HI-5, who really knows. What we do know is that they were beaten handily. (video forthcoming this week)oaks crash

The evening of June 16 saw HI-5 Guild suffering from an acute case of heatstroke, having their Harrower taken away.

The night of Friday, June 17 HI-5 Guild had to be taken to the emergency room yet again from severe burns and repeated trauma at Terathan Keep. (video forthcoming this week)

terathan keep crash

On Saturday, June 18 it was a blazing night in Dungeon Wrong with HOT Guild crushing all in their path exiting after a Harrower.

The upcoming forecast looks for more of the same. Be sure to wear your sunscreen! And check out for all the latest PVP videos.

Vacancy vs Virtue

I was very excited to hear that something had finally been done to improve organized PVP. It has only been a paltry 14 years since Factions was introduced. They did make some changes to Factions (8-10 years years later) but it has been relatively unchanged.

So here we are with no more Factions. Now it is all about Vice vs Virtue. I really wish there was some more positive things to say about it. There was a lot of player input on its design. Unfortunately it just falls flat.

When I first heard about it I thought there were going to be two sides. But the reality is every guild is its own side. There is no good vs evil component which begs the question why it is even called Vice vs Virtue. I am not saying it is bad to have it this way. But as it stands it isn’t good either.

guild war button2

There is a little known feature in UO called guild wars. I know, this may be shocking to some. It has been around a long time. You will just have to believe me, this feature is not even documented on UOGuide. One guild can declare war on another guild and fight them in a semi-official manner. That is exactly how Vice vs Virtue works. Except there are no rewards for warring another guild. That is why no* one does it (*except for role playing).

Why do guilds not war? There is no leaderboard. There are no rewards. There is nothing. This is also largely why Factions died in popularity. There was some pretty cool rewards to start but they got old. Then Age of Shadows obliterated what tiny bonuses there were and things went unchanged for the next 5-6 years. But enough of that, lets get into why Vice vs Virtue is not working.

Each town battle is in its own self-contained bubble. When it is done you get some silver. Then on to the next town. No one is ever on top. There is no reason to fight for one town over another. There is no scoreboard. There is no urgency to defend a town. It is all just a grind to get silver.

As a player I am 100% uninterested in any rewards you can currently obtain with all this grinded silver. Lets go through them shall we?

  • Potions – No thanks, barely use heal/cure as it is
  • War Steeds – Between ethereals and bonded pets, I don’t need this
  • Hair Dye – I have never used a hair dye on any character I own, ever
  • Artifacts – We got those already
  • Hooded Robes – Robe slot is already used
  • Royal Forged Pardon – This is actually useful for some a very small number of people
  • Banners – I got enough stuff to decorate my house
  • Floor tiles – Ditto
  • Scroll of Transcendence – My characters are all maxed

Over half the rewards offered are decorations. The only half decent one is the pardon, but it is useful to very few people. And most of those people transferred their skills using soulstones and deleted the character.

There is also a serious hole in drawing people out to fight. With the system running 24/7 how do you know when someone is out there? It might seem like this method allows you to find a fight anytime. But when anytime turns into all the time, it is just the luck of the draw in running into an opponent. I just checked out Atlantic at 6PM and captured a town solo. In fact I have yet to kill another person in VvV at all.

my vvv record

To summarize these are the issues that next to be fixed to draw people into this new PVP system:

  1. There needs to be rewards that will entice players to participate, especially veterans. Rewards that make people who don’t participate jealous and encourages them to join in.
  2. There needs to be a reason to capture a town beyond grinding silver. A sense of urgency to draw players to fight.
  3. There needs to be a scoring system. Preferably with online leaderboards as we had with Factions.

I hope there is going to be a phase 2 in the near future to try and fix these shortcomings.

Have a Nice day.