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Next EM PVP Event and Britain Crossroads Podcast Debut

This Thursday, June 23 at 8pm EST will be another Felucca based EM event where PVP is encouraged! There was one last month and it had a big turnout. Lots of players stealing, fighting, killing and all kinds of fun.

Event Moderator Bennu says it is going to be similar as last time, but with improvements. This means the rare items first have to be stolen off the ground using the Stealing skill. Once stolen, the items are cursed so they can not be insured. This also means if you kill someone carrying the rare item you can take it for yourself! At the last event I lucked out and found a corpse with 5 lanterns on it!five lanterns looting

Shortly after the event I recorded a podcast with Zarcon (a HOT Guild Council Member) to go over what we thought of how it went.  You can either download the MP3 or listen on Youtube. Eventually it should get on iTunes and you can subscribe and listen that way. Future podcasts will include topics such as PVP, Vice vs Virtue, IDOCs, how I am roleplaying being the Governor of Moonglow, and more.

Speaking of being the Governor of Moonglow, I will have another post up later this week about that. The monthly governor meeting is this Sunday. I will have information about how to get Moonglow titles, what policies I will be working on, when my office hours will be,  etc.

For now, I hope to see you at the EM PVP Event this Thursday, HOT Guild will be out in force. But even if you are alone you have the chance to come out on top. One solo guy made off with 9 lanterns last month!

Have a Nice day.