Anyone Remember UORares?

It has been about 5 years since UORares went inactive. I was put in charge of the site back sometime in late 2003 I believe. Unfortunately it died a slow death due to the rare community falling apart due to developer neglect. If only we had Event Moderators back then.

Every once in a while (with the while being over 2 years) I like to post some news. By some chance if someone visits UORares and does not know about UOGuide’s newsletter, now they will. I also changed the poll, but it appears to be broken. Votes are not being accepted.

Speaking of the newsletter, I am very happy how it turned out. It was a lot of work but I am proud of making it. I did receive a bit of criticism for the banner. It was put together in about 15 minutes to add a little color. If anyone wishes to make a better one it would be appreciated. I am hoping the construction of the July newsletter will have a lot more contributor’s. If I am to do this every month I won’t have much time to work on other site projects.

How about something funny? The fanboi wars between Apple and Android are always a source of comedy. Someone has made a funny set of videos showing the ridiculousness of the arguements. One involves someone trying to purchase an iPhone at a regular cellphone store, the other is a misguided attempt to get a non-iPhone repaired in an Apple store.

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