An Event is an Event

As is frequently the case, there is quite a few players requesting that the UO halloween events be extended. The event itself began October 29 and is scheduled to end on November 17. That is 20 full days for every player to participate, just shy of 3 weeks.

If you didn’t have a chance to get out and take part in 3 weeks then it is just tough cookies in my opinion. You can’t please every single person. To let every player take part this would have to be changed from an event to a content addition, something permanent. You would have Skeletal Liches terrorizing graveyards forever. That wouldn’t be very desirable.

People who ask for event extensions are at least as numerous as the ones who plan on the event ending as assigned. Some people will organize their play scheduals around an event if they know it is limited. An extension would mean that their hardship and hard work was for not.

Unless there is some drastic situation, such as the game servers go down or the event content did not happen as planned, then there can of course be changes made to the schedual. But to give an extension just because it is requested is not good. One glaring issue is that Halloween was almost 3 weeks ago. It doesn’t look good to be ringing in the new year with trick or treating.

Instead of clinging to the current event, players should focus on what the future holds and what exciting new event they can take part in.

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