My Roleplaying Strategy Outlined

Hello everyone,

If you don’t have the time to listen to me ramble on for 30 minutes about what I’ve done and trying to do in regards to roleplaying, this is the article for you! Unless you are a slow reader, here is the two minute version on what has happened and what I hope will happen over the coming months.

Timeline of Events Before Today

  1.  I (JC the Builder) am elected governor of Moonglow on the promise of making Britannia great again.
  2. At the June governor’s meeting I give a grand speech about the sorry state of Britannia (which will be detailed in a future news post, sorry!). At the end of the meeting King Blackthorn threatens my life for overstepping my authority.
  3. I don’t attend the July governor’s meeting directly. Instead I have a representative hand King Blackthorn a communication crystal which he promptly smashes as soon as he hears me on the other end. He is attempting to silence me! Several governors are openly hostile towards Blackthorn. Zynia, governor of Vesper, even walks out mid-meeting in disgust.
  4. I (purposefully) don’t attend the August governor meeting at all. The other governor’s ask where I am but no one has any answers.  King Blackthorn is very indecisive on what to do and keeps asking the governors. He ends up hijacking the entire meeting and leaves no time for anyone else to speak. He leaves abruptly with all the governors scratching their heads on what just happened.


That leads up to today and the governor’s meeting happening tomorrow for September. At that meeting I had planned on attending and practically declaring my intentions to usurp Blackthorn. However, with the recent real life death of Tiffany Moon, governor of Cove, I think it is more appropriate to hold off a bit. Instead I will be in attendance for very low key.

When I became governor months ago this was not at all what I had in mind. It has occurred organically over the last few months. Who better to blame for all our troubles than the current king? It is not my intention to become the next king, only to de-throne the current one.

I hope you all will join with me for what could be the greatest storyline Atlantic has ever seen. During the month of October I want to hold different events, such as a clandestine meeting of the city governors, to further this idea. It will all lead up to the October governors meeting where the fireworks will truly begin.

Please check back here regularly for more information. Have a Nice day.

Paying Gold for UO Articles

Is your bank account running low after dying too much at Bennu’s overpowered and unfair events? Or maybe you are having a tough time doing spawns in Felucca because of a heatwave? Well here is your chance to make some gold!

I am going to pay people for articles to be posted here, on this website, about Atlantic shard! Write about EM events, player events, player profiles, your own guild advertisement, or anything else UO related.

A long time ago people wrote all kinds of stuff about UO and every day there was new articles to read on and Stratics. But that does not happen at all anymore. People are always asking, “does anyone play UO anymore?” because they have no idea what is happening. The world of Britannia turn every day, actually 12 times a day, but it could be weeks without anyone saying what is going on! If you ever wondered how you could help make a big impact and draw people into the game, this is your chance.

I will pay out between 20 and 100 million gold an article. A quick article could net you 20-40 million. An in-depth piece could bank you a lot more. Each article should have at least 2 screenshots to accompany it. You need to get in touch with me to talk about what you will write before you wet your quill.

If you want to write regularly, I can set you up with an account on this site so you can post without waiting on me all the time. Otherwise you can just email me your story and screenshots (email in the left menu).

Check back regularly for more articles about Atlantic in UO!

ICQ Chats are the Best

If there was one single thing which I have to point to as to bringing back people to the game recently it has to be ICQ chat. When I was working to bring back the HOT Guild over the winter, one of the big hurdles was communication. People were logging in very haphazardly and not checking our website much at all anymore. People were around, but getting people together was a big hurdle.

I know there are other programs out there that people chat on, such as WhatsApp and Discord. But Ultima Online players are stubborn and will only use ICQ. Luckily it seems ICQ has developed a pretty decent chat interface to compete with other programs and so far it has served our guild very well. There are hundreds of messages every day and any questions can be answered promptly.


If you haven’t loaded up the ICQ app on your smartphone then I strongly encourage you do so! Now you don’t need to be at your computer and have the ICQ application open to be connected to what is happening in UO. It could be 4:30 at work and you get a ping that something will be happening tonight, so you know exactly when to login. Personally, I turn off notifications for chat rooms so I don’t get notifications. But if someone needs to reach me all they need to do is send me a message.

There was a recent update to ICQ chat which allows basic permissions. Now you can set it so people have to request permission before they can join (before anyone could invite anyone else). So problem users can be removed. With this I decided to create public chats for the Atlantic shard, a general and a PVP focused one. If you want to join one or both chats (and you should, you don’t have to talk to anyone) then message me at 59523359.


I would encourage every shard to start their own ICQ chat room(s). It will help connect players for all kinds of reasons, whether it be trade, PVP, looking for hunting partners, answering a simple question, etc. The more people communicate the more they will have fun in Ultima Online.

Have a Nice day.

June 2016 Governor Meeting

What a drama filled evening! The room was filled with unease and discontent among the governors. Between the first ever Gargoyle governor of New Magincia to the Dwarfs taking back the seat in Minoc to a heartfelt speech by Moonglow’s new governor to all the hate and tension with the Orc governor of Britain!

King Blackthorn kicked things off requesting advice on how he should deal with the leadership situation in the Crux Ansata. After the recent disastrous expedition that saw more lives lost than any other in recent memory, he sought to replace Lady Wellings as a commander.

The council could not come up with any good replacement for her. King Blackthorn thus decided to have Lord Dupre accompany Lady Wellings to offer advice and tactical counsel. However, this could lead to yet more tension and drama with the resentment directed towards Lord Dupre!

governor meeting 2

Governor Cauchemar of Trinsic brought forth that their jails were overflowing with prisoners. He wanted to re-enact the age old tradition of cannibalism, unfortunately that has been outlawed by Lord British for many years now. Instead they are going to be transferred to the Prison in Yew.

Governor Lavendar of Yew spoke of the upcoming prisoner transfer from Trinsic. There is also beginnings of a plan for a contest of archery to be held in August and a scavenger hunt in the fall.

Governor Zynia of Vesper announced the success of a recent fishing contest. It went so well the plan is to repeat it in August!

governor meeting 3

Governor Tatiana Thorn of Skara Brae said the city continues to prosper. She also it hosting a gathering each Monday evening at 9pm EST in New Haven to assist newer players.

Governor Parfu of Britain seeks to hold an event involving crafters and fighting. It didn’t really make much sense. Maybe the translation didn’t come out right? Keep an eye out for more details.

governor meeting 4

Governor Beldin Brightaxe of Minoc has regained his position in Minoc. Being a dwarf, it was also difficult to understand what he was saying. But that might have also been more of him not being able to see over the table. Next time he should bring a stool to stand on.

Brightaxe says the previous governor was not looking after the city. He also found a Chaos Banner inside the governor’s house. We look forward to what he can do for the city of Minoc.

governor meeting 5

Governor Draxsom Pri-Lem of New Magincia has become the first elected Gargoyle governor in the history of Britannia!  There was a lot of suspicion of his motives. He spoke of “taking over a city” and “launching invasions”.  Once again, this may have been an issues with the translator. Or was it?

Governor Angelica of Jhelom says trade has been booming for the city, despite disturbances in the waters around the island. There was also an issue with the Bulls, but lets keep this report family friendly.

Governor JC the Builder of Moonglow started off with pleasant greetings to his fellow governors. But everyone knew that it would not last long. He immediately launched into an extensive statement about his concerns for the kingdom.

governor meeting 6

The reaction of the crowd and governors was divided. A more in-depth review of the speech will be reported on later this week!

We’ll have to see how this new racially diverse and divided makeup of governors will lead during the next 6 months. Keep checking back for plenty of reports on this and more.

Have a Nice day.

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